Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another Reason I Like FireFox

I was just browsing in Firefox. I had 4 tabs open, all for things I plan to review. One of them launched Rhapsody for Web and for some reason my browser stalled. I waited while the rainbow beach ball spun. I waited.

O.K., force quit (apple, option, esc) and move on. Oh, wait. I hadn't yet bookmarked the sites for review. Crud!!! What were they. Oh well, live and learn.

I restart Firefox and it asks me if I want to restore my previous session (multi windows, tabs and all) that had quit unexpectedly or if I want start fresh because I think something in the previous session caused the crash. SOLD!!!

If you don't already have Firefox, get it. You'll be glad you did.


nathan said...

have it and love it. Oh and thanks for the tip on the mini dvi to vga cable (FYI circuit city has minimal yet some good stuff for apple, and compusa is closing down) so I showed up with laptop and cable "still thinking like a PC oh great I have to have some program to get this cable to recognize what's going on WRONG, plug and go. I love apple.
So thanks again and welcome to firefox - oh btw, do you have any use with these G4 speakers? if you want them then they are yours!

Unknown said...

I do have use for them. That's very generous of you. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

i have been using Firefox for ages.
i too love it. i didn't know about the restore session
option, (you MUST be a power user!! it has yet to freeze up on me) but have had a similar experience with PowerPoint wherein it allowed me to restart and reopen all those 'unsaved' files uponwhich i was working...