Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't Get Kromked

If you use Facebook, then you've probably gotten a direct message from a friend asking you to visit It should go without saying, but DON'T!

You should ALWAYS be suspicious of cryptic messages like this one. In fact, that's a good reason to not be cryptic in messages you send. Spell out what you mean when messaging your friends. In a day where we are being conditioned to communicate in 140 characters or less, this IS a message that bears repeating.

There's not much out there yet about this kromked spam but I did find a description of what happens if you click the link at  The author says that basically nothing happened, nothing obvious that is.

Even as a mac user, I am not going to let my curiosity get the best of me. It killed the cat, you know. Just say no to

UPDATE: Kurt from has has been posting updates about this and has proposed an interesting theory about what the scheme might be. Click on over for the update.


BarryP said...

Excellent post Larry. I especially like your comment about cryptic messaging.

Kurt Avish said...

Thanks for linking back Larry.

I have just updated the post with a possible strategy that this domain owner and facebook spammer might be doing. Check the post for more.

I think this is just a very imaginative strategy to make this new domain to get value quickly but is using a possible loophole in facebook to spread the domain name url.

The referring page has been changed now. Just checked it some minutes ago.

Geekbert said...

Thanks for the update Kurt.