Monday, April 23, 2007

Panic Attack

Most have heard of the infamous Windows "Blue Screen of Death." However, being a Mac User, you may not be familiar with a Kernel Panic. It is the closest thing on a Mac to the BSOD and it doesn't happen often.

I recently happened upon a screen saver by Doomlaser that simulates the OS X kernel panic screen. It might be fun to send to a friend. It even has a fake preview screen so they won't suspect a thing when the screen saver kicks in and for a few seconds they think their Mac crashed. It'll give them a twilight zone moment you will want to be sure you're there to witness.


Anonymous said...

what exactly causes a 'kernal panic' and why might
it re-occur?

Unknown said...

From Wikipedia: A kernel panic is a message displayed by an operating system upon detecting an internal system error from which it cannot recover; the term is largely specific to Unix and Unix-like systems. Attempts by the operating system to read an invalid or non permitted memory address are a common source of kernel panics. A panic may also occur as a result of a hardware failure or a bug in the operating system.

I borrow brains. :-)