Saturday, November 14, 2009

Swept Under the Rug

If you're using Mac OS 10.6, you probably had a software update in the last day or so. Don't put it off. This one is really important. Did you notice the last item listed under the fixes included in this update?

Just a little issue. Some users who have a guest account enabled have experienced data loss when logging out of the guest account. Translation: it deletes your entire primary user folder!

As I understand it, it only affects a small percentage of users but it only takes one, me, to make it a huge issue. I'm surprised I never got a warning notice about this. Seems like it would merit one. Instead, I heard it on MacBreak Weekly and so knew what to avoid. I guess they at least acknowledge it in this update text instead the vague statement frequently given with updates about general bug fixes and enhancements. I guess they didn't totally sweep it under the rug.

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