Monday, January 14, 2008

I Can Feel It

[Cue Phil Collins singing the Miami Vice theme] I've got that tingle on the back of my neck and butterflies in my stomach that I get every year before the MacWorld Keynote. Nothing will likely compare to the amount of excitement I experienced before last year's but this year is not so small either.

If you've been listening to the buzz leading up to tomorrow's address, you know that the hot rumor on the street is that Apple is about to release a sub-notebook to round off it's portable line up. I've heard some refer to it as a big iPhone without the phone. If you could imagine a laptop screen, split it down the middle from top to bottom and give it the kind of multi-touch interface you find on the iPhone but with the full featured version of OS X, then you've got the idea that is making the rounds on the rumor mill.

When you combine that with the new banner on the Apple home page and some of info that has been turning up (here and here) it seems like there is a pretty high probability that we're going to see Apple breaking some more new ground in the next few days.

I'm sure I'll be too antsy to wait for them to post the video, so I'll be surfing the Mac fan sites feverishly refreshing my browser again this year. If I have any energy left by the end of that silly exercise, I'll post a few reflections of the announcements. I know I have a serious dependancy issue. Anyone know how I can get a hold of the Michigan chapter of Macaholics Anonymous?


lizann said...

You could always call Jason and have him on speaker phone...He is there right now!

And If you find that MI chapter...let me know, I will sign Jason up! :)

Unknown said...

I heard he was going from Matt (the same Matt who was invited to go with him but declined!?!?!?) and then we talked Saturday and he told me he was going.

I almost mentioned him in this entry but thought it was worthy of a post all its own; one about how unjust life can be. :-) I offered to go as a contract employee; he didn't think that would fly. I had to try!