Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This Just In...

Wow, there has been a lot of news in the last few days. I may write about some of these things in detail later, but I want to just give you the list in case you haven't yet seen some of these items.

The Mothership and the Evil Empire: there is a video podcast of an interview of Bill and Ted...er...I mean Steve by Wall Street Journal technology columnists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. You can check it our here (clicking this link will launch iTunes).

Safari 3 Public Beta has been released. I think they just reclaimed me from Firefox. Note, you have to be running 10.4.9 to use this new version of Safari.

Apple's website has a new look. I noticed while watching the new iPhone ads that the navbar at the top was not the same as with the rest of the site. I clicked another tab to compare with the old aqua looking navbar and lo and behold, the whole site was now using the new grey navbar. You may be thinking, "So what?" Okay, but still, it's new(s).

New MacBooks released. There were several updates made, most notable is that the 15 inch MacBook Pro has three extra letters in the display specs: LED. I hear this will be the new trend in Mac displays and that lower power demands is one of the main benefits.

Steve revealed an almost complete Leopard at WWDC. Check it out and I think you'll agree that this is definitely going to be worth upgrading. I'll be writing more about this.

I'm sure there's more, but I don't have all day to look this stuff up for you! Let me know if you've come across other big news that I've missed here.


Anonymous said...

We ordered four of those new Macbook Pros when they were released last week here at Calvary Bible Church. They should be here Friday and are much anticipated. You should see the old macs that are in use around here. We could start a museum.

Leopard looks disappointing to me. Some nice features, yes, especially stacks. But the Finder needs a lot more work than they put into it. I was waiting to see what the plan was for Leopard. Now that I've seen it, I decided it was time to learn how to use quicksilver. Have you ever tried it, GB?

Scott Donnelly said...

I took the little tour of Leopard on Apple.com and thought it there was some pretty good stuff on it (none of which I would truly utilize).

I saw that the site was new too... thought it looked good as well.

I think I will most likely want to upgrade to a new MacBook or iMac before I would buy the new OS.

Totally off topic, but Apple really needs to do something with Apple TV to make it functional in your Home Theater environment... like maybe allowing it to record TV, like TiVo. I know Steve has to have bigger plans for that thing... it's like a big iPod with a remote. Quite useless.

Unknown said...

Brian, New MacBook Pros? Awesome!

As for Leopard, I really am looking forward to it. Quick Look alone would make it worth it to me. I frequently spend 30 secs to a min waiting for Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign to open so I can double check a detail and then close the document. The idea of browsing multi-page docs entirely app free makes me giddy! Other things that interest me are Stacks, new Mail/ical integration, and iChat Media & Remote Desktop capabilities.

Merlin Mann has begun to sell me on Quicksilver; however, I find that a combination of the Dock, Spotlight, and Columns View in Finder (to which you introduced me) move pretty fast and fluid for me. I installed Quicksilver a few weeks ago but have not really begun to use it yet. I think when you know the quick key for Spotlight, you get almost the same effect as Quicksilver. I'll need more time to really give Quicksilver a chance.

I really hear a lot of geeks like us poo poo the Finder but I really think it is a great system for the average user. I really doubt my father-in-law would take to using something like Quicksilver. Good ole' fashion hierarchical folders is the way he thinks. It's what most people are used to.