Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I really am embarrassed that I didn't think of this on my own. I worked for a major wireless carrier for 2 years and I'm the king of free or low cost electronic gadgets. Oh well. Thanks to my wife for finding the article. Click here to read about how you can get an iPhone for around $300.


Brian Jones said...

This article seems to overlook something. Either that, or I'm uninformed. You, the ex-cellfone sales guy, can correct me.

The article says that the N75 "goes for between $350 and $400 unlocked." I'll buy that, but if you get the phone as part of an AT&T contract, it will be locked, yes? That will decrease its value, I'd imagine. Sure enough: a simple eBay search shows AT&T locked phones going for $250 max. So, I guess that's where you get your "around $300" figure.

But, if you can get it unlocked, the savings are even better. So, will AT&T unlock it at your request? Is there some kind of "must unlock" law? If so, I'll get Verizon to unlock my Treo so that I can go to AT&T and finally get a decent signal at my house now that my Verizon contract is up.

Also, the article talks about AT&T closing the loophole. I don't see how they can close that loophole. As long as they are selling any subsizdized phones, this approach should work fine, shouldn't it? How can they preclude you in any way from doing this seeing that the iPhone is unsubsidized?

Help me out here, GB.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props Geekbert (I know how much you love to called that.), but I found the link on

Scott Donnelly said...

As Brian stated above, I checked eBay and the highest N75 right now was at $225.

Going even a bit further, I went through the process of setting up service on AT&T's website and found that you plunk down $149 today. There is a $36 activation fee (never understood that one) and you get a $50 Debit Card (Rebate) mailed to you.

I also wanted the $599 iPhone (of course) which ends up around $639 w/taxes figured in.

So the grand total if you sold the N75 for the eBay going rate would be... $513... not that amazing. At least not for all the variables and work required.

It was fun to dream though.

Brian Jones said...

Scott, Apple is selling refurbished iPhones for $100 off. They have the same warranty as new. So, that might be a better way to go:
I don't know if that link will work or not, but just google apple refurbished iphone and it will be the top hit.

Scott Donnelly said...

Thanks Brian! I may look into it... the big rub is breaking my Verizon contract if I switch. I may just wait a year.

Unknown said...

Brian, you got it right. It does sound fairly easy to unlock the phone. See this example:

You can also buy unlock codes online for some phone models.

AT&T might unlock it for you and your right, there is really no way to close this loophole.

Scott, I checked out the process at and it was just as the guy describes. You actually get a $5 credit for getting this phone with a two year contract. I would avoid dealing with AT&T in the activation process. I love that the iPhone basically lets you avoid AT&T in the activation process.

If you can get the N75 unlocked and move it for even $300 and buy a refurb'ed 8GB iPhone for $499, $200 sounds like a good deal to me. It's too bad I just renewed my Verizon contract for two years to get my wife the new LG Chocolate for free! Hmm...I bet I could sell that for the $175 it would cost to break my contract. I wonder?

Mitchell said...

Okay Geekbert, a while back you bloged about google calender and a software to sync with your ical. Is it all it was cracked you to be? I have been putting off installing until I heard your final thoughts.