Friday, August 10, 2007

Better Late Than Never?

Steve, Steve, Steeeeeeve!!! You're making me crazy! Over the past few weeks, I spent hours upon hours putting together an incredibly mediocre video of my Mexico trip using the 600 some pictures and 73 video clips that were given to me by my Mexico Mission Teammates. I tried several techniques to get it all put together with music and voice-over narration.

I settled on the method of first, creating slideshows of pictures in iPhoto (because iMovie tends to degrade picture resolutions and is tedious to work with when using gobbs of photos). It still took a loooong time to organize the albums, convert to slideshows, work with transitions and timing (when there isn't even sound or narration yet). So then, I exported the slideshows as Quicktime movies. That alone took forever. Next, I imported the videos to iMovie (easy but slow). Now with everything in iMovie as video, I began putting the segments into sequence-video footage, slideshow video, slideshow video, video footage, etc. A few times, after getting the segments into sequence, I realized I made a mistake and had to redo a slideshow...export it, import it, re-place it into sequence. Finally, everything was in sequence. It wasn't perfect but it was done. Time to do narration. Long story short: loud CPU fan, record narration on separate device, import as mp3's, place in sequence. Okay! Add music? Nope. I'm outta time.

Fast forward to today. I watch Steve's Special Event and, about 45 minutes into it, he announces that iMovie has been completely dumped because one of the Apple engineers had the same experience as me. So the engineer wrote his own movie editing app and showed it to Steve-POOF! It's the new iMovie (watch the video). A completely new iMovie (don't get me wrong, I am extremely happy about this). WHERE WAS THIS TWO WEEKS AGO!!!

Okay. Now that I got that off my chest, I can begin the healing process.

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