Monday, July 16, 2007


Hola...I'm back! I've been in Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico for 8 days. While there I helped conduct a Vacation Bible School in an out-lying village, clean up a camp facility, and install duct work and a drop ceiling (preparation for AC installation) in a small church in the city.

It was an incredibly eye-opening experience. The way of life in the places I visited was so modest that it was like travelling back in time. In spite of their apparent material poverty, the people I met showed hospitality to me that was humbling. As a result of my trip, I have a renewed sense of thankfulness and purpose.

I'll try to get back up to speed soon and continue writing. Thanks for checking back regularly. Buenas noches!

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Mitchell said...

Ok you've been back for a while. Time to start posting again.
And what is Julie talking about a new job?