Saturday, April 21, 2007

May The G-Force Be With You

Doc, this one's for you. Be forewarned, at the end of a lengthy disclaimer, the publishers say, "DON'T HURT YOUR LAPTOP. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SWING IT SO HARD, YOU KNOW. IF YOU DO BREAK DAMAGE TO YOUR MACHINE IN ANY WAY, IT IS YOUR FAULT."

The program is MacSaber. MacSaber is compatible with Mac laptops equipped with Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS) technology. It uses the SMS to command a really good light saber sound so that as you move your laptop around the sounds match. It's totally useless but extremely cool (in a nerdy sort of way)! You can get MacSaber at the blog. Remember, your laptop is expensive so BE CAREFUL. And may the force be with you!


Anonymous said...

this is very cool
in a geekbert way

i have loaded it as a start up app!!

Unknown said...

Doc, glad you like it. Just one more reason to look forward to firing up the ol' MacBook Pro!

nathan said...

boss I am in desperate need - I want to use my laptop with windows powerpoint (i know sorry for the windows and mac in the same sentence:-) but I have not hooked it up to a projector before What do I need?? again I would like to show the kids this stuff but I don't think that I have the right cable with the projector they are providing - thanks

Unknown said...

If you have a MacBook, you need the Apple Mini-DVI to VGA Adapter which goes for $19 at the Apple Store. The old iBook and Powerbook which I have came with them.

You can pick up the same adapter (non-Apple) at Radio Shack or Comp USA for a little more ($27.99 at RadioShack for Belkin Brand). Tip: Take your MacBook with you to the store to make sure they give you the right adapter.