Friday, June 29, 2007

I Like It!

As I sit here in the Apple Store typing this entry from a security tethered iPhone, I have mixed emotions. I absolutely love it!!! But the mystery is over. The one feature I have wondered about, to-do capability, doesn't look good. Everything else, including the non-feedback giving keyboard, is as good or better than expected. Self-correction on the keyboard is definitely necessary but works like magic!

I think I'm safe sticking to my original forcast. If you don't want one yet, wait 'til you see one, you'll want it.


Anonymous said...

And I sit here and wait at the Apple store so we can go home.

Scott Donnelly said...

Did you get it?!?

I am definitely going to have to wait a year before I can get one. Still have a year left with Verizon and I want to see if a) the price comes down b) the hd gets bigger than 8GB c) AT&T gets the iPhone working on there faster network d) Safari on iPhone can work with Java & Flash.

Did I miss anything?

Give me a little more info on the "to do" stuff. What didn't you like?

Unknown said...

Scott, sorry for the long delay. This week is sandwiched between two weeks of being out of town for me. You've probably read many other reviews by now but I still plan to get post my thoughts in the next day or so.

In answer to your first question, no, I didn't buy one...but I REALLY wanted to. If my Treo would go for more on ebay, I probably would've. It's just not in the budget at the moment. My verizon contract is up and I am fully satisfied that it is all I hoped it would be, so it's just a matter of time now.