Monday, April 16, 2007

***SpinVox Update***

I learned today (thanks Vince!) that SpinVox, which I wrote about a few weeks ago here, is limiting the number of people in the U.S. who get the free year deal.

From their website: "SpinVox is offering only 15,000 free Spin-my-Vmail accounts for US customers and they're going fast."

I got one. If it sounded interesting to you, you should sign up soon for the free year or it looks like you'll be limited to a two week trial.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Geekbert, if your US readers want to get a free SpinVox Vmail account they can click here

and enter GEEKBERT as the company name.

For readers who have Sprint phones - they need to first contact Sprint customer care and ask for call forwarding to be added to their account. Then they can enjoy the life-changing experience of SpinVox.