Saturday, April 28, 2007

Snopes the Pastor

Obviously, technology is rapidly changing the way we live. It even affects how we do things like church. Some of the impacts of technology in church are obvious like microphones, speakers, and video projectors. Here's an interesting way in which technology impacted my experience at a theology conference I attended today.

As I listened to the pastor's sermon, one of his illustrations intrigued me. He mentioned the concept of sympathetic resonance. I had never heard of it. Intuitively, I exited Documents to Go on my Treo 650 and opened the browser to Wikipedia and looked up sympathetic resonance. I read the article, switched back to the MyBible app, and rejoined the sermon still in progress. Some might think that such portable connectivity is a dangerous distraction. For me it was a way to put that curiosity to rest in my mind so that I could better focus on the rest of the message. I guess it's all in how you use it.

A side note: one of the speakers was using his PDA's Bible app as his Bible while he preached (I've done this on occasion). I loved it when he held up his PDA (it was in a black case...which made it look somewhat like a Bible) and said, "This is God's Word!" We all knew what he meant. :-)


nathan said...

here here to using the treo in church! I love my Bible and taking notes on documents to go. I have to confess I have once and only once checked the masters golf tournament scores but it was during announcements :-)

christina said...

um....woops...i forgot to sign out of blogger and nathan posted as me...but i'm sure you knew that b/c of the masters reference. :~)