Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nice Guy

Ever notice how the manual that comes with your software seems to answer all the questions you would never ask but omits the solutions to the real questions and issues you have? That's what David Pogue, tech writer for the New York Times, thinks too. He's written a series of Missing Manuals that have helped all of us who can't get the help we need from the official manuals.

Pogue is a great writer who and seems to be a generally nice guy. I subscribed to his video podcast recently and discovered that he is also pretty creative and funny too. You can visit his site in my "places I like to go" section of the sidebar. I have really enjoyed his work and thought you should meet him. Readers, meet David Pogue. David, my readers (both of them :-).


Tracy said...

While I haven't checked him out and I'm sure he indeed is a "nice guy" I have to say............why bother, we've got LARRY and you ROCK my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also...while I'm here...what's with the funky toothed dogs??? They totally freak me out! Can we get a new photo?? Right about now you're thinkin' people making comments is highly overrated!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Larry, finally a place to go at 0230 when the sound won't work for videos or the cron scripts won't run or when you just need to setup a RAID!!

Scott Donnelly said...

Larry nice to see you Blogging... I believe those dogs are Vizsla. My brother has one... that is the only reason I know.

Unknown said...

Tracy, sorry the dogs freak you out. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for all the ideas Peter.

Scott, are you for real? I thought the dogs were some Photoshop creation. There are really dogs with teeth as bad as mine!?